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Questions for Contract

The Venue on Main

         112 Main Street, Marble Falls, Tx., 78654


Phone: (512) 234-1812


  Questions For Contract

  1. Name of person renting for contract purposes? 

Full legal name, address, and email.

    2. Date Of The Event?




    3. What is the event for?




    4. Time of the event from start to finish?

 *Please plan enough time for set up & break down.*



    5. Maximum number of guests. 



    6. Will there be Alcohol of any kind?

Will there be liquor of any kind?



    7. Name, address, and phone number of the caterer or any other services that will be provided that you know of?



     8. Would you like to rent out our serving tables that are 8ft. long for serving hot food? Hot food cannot be served from the bar unless there is something underneath. Each table is $25.



    9. Will you be paying by card, cash, or check? *We do have a $65 credit card processing fee.*





-Eight 8ft. Tables that hold up to 10 chairs at each.

-Extra chairs

-2 Tv’s

-A Bluetooth speaker with a microphone.

-Corn hole

-The Bar

-Extension Cords

-Trash cans- two inside and two outside along with a commercial one in the back.

-Two restrooms-Both female & male

-Outside seating- sectional couch, three tables, and chairs.

- Catering Kitchen- Commercial Food warmer, commercial fridge, sinks, microwave, dishwasher, and large freezer. 


If you are going to have any form of liquor you must have catering that carries their TBC license and or use a mobile bartender. Liquor does require us to have security at $60 an hour and a minimum of 2 hours. Please note that having 20 or more people that have beer, wine, and champagne also will require security at $60 an hour. This does not require any license. 

We will provide security.

Set Up

All SET UP & BREAK DOWN must come through the back of The Venue. Please note there are two other businesses in the building. Please plan for enough time to set up as we cannot let you in until the time given. Please plan enough time for break down as we will have to charge if you go past your time from your security deposit. 


The church a few feet away allows us to use their parking. Please note that once the event is over, all cars must be removed. Especially on a Sunday. 


The Venue fee is based on the day of the week, event, and amount of people.


Price ranges from $300-$400 an hour.

-Cleaning fee is $150. The space will be cleaned before and after the event along with landscaping. 

-Security Deposit- Depending on the amount of people it will be either $500 or $1000.


We look forward to having you and hosting your next event! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. 


-The Venue on Main

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